curbside pickup technology

Connect online orders with digital curbside pickup solutions. Provide a safe and seamless customer experience.

curbside clarity

clarity at pickup

Customers are often unsure of what to do at pickup when they arrive at their selected store location. A combination of our technology with real-time notifications and clear directional signs can eliminate customer confusion and ensure a seamless experience upon arrival.

curbside effecient

efficient queue management

With the increase in curbside sales, merchants are having difficulty managing the queue during peak hours. We are experts at queue management that put the controls in the hands of runners and managers to create a seamless experience for in-store pickup and curbside pickup.

curbside accuracy

ensure order accuracy

Curbside runners need to have access to queue management that clearly shows the customer name, order number, car model and color, plus parking spot location. The problem of order inaccuracy is reduced if not completely eliminated.

curbside online phone

Connect Online Order with Digital Curbside Pickup Solutions

Give your restaurant, retail or grocery store a clear and organized pickup area to eliminate confusion, improve operations and increase efficiency of curbside operations. We work with you to create a solution that is able to be fully integrated using mature, proven service automation technology, including interactive voice response, customized SMS communications and tailored QR codes, to make the most out of customers’ time spent in the pickup queue.

Contactless curbside pickup is a necessity for merchants to keep their business alive today and in the future.


Custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Text communications with customer

QR codes to guide the pickup process

Custom printed or digital sign

Custom webform at arrival

Queue Management Dashboard for back of house


STRATACACHE takes the guesswork out of curbside pickup solutions by working with you to define user experience, design requirements, hardware and software, allowing us to build and deploy a measurable solution that exceeds your business goals and unique projects.

Why is STRATACACHE the right technology partner for your curbside pickup experience? With more than three decades of experience bringing technology that enhances the customer experience to market, we are the leading solution provider for quick service restaurants, grocery, pharmacy and retail.

- 30+ years experience
- Technology partner for 4 out of 5 of the top QSR brands
- 650,000 digital menu boards in the field
- 3.3+ million digital devices globally

Whether technology is brand new to your business or restaurant, or technology is part of your current customer experience strategy, we are the leading trusted partner in curbside and quick service restaurant solutions - from the simplest curbside pickup solution to fully automated, mobile order fulfillment. We partner with you to find the perfect solution, tailored to your location, customers, employees and operations.

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