Lotteries and gaming are all about creating engagement with consumers – Carmanah Signs helps Lotteries and Casinos engage their players by designing and supplying digital signage networks, interactive experiences and value-added LED signs. With heightened customer expectations and fierce competition, the gaming industry is turning to digital media to transition one-time guests into loyal, long-term customers. As technology continues to evolve, digital signage plays an integral role in creating a unique, unforgettable player experience. Don’t let a poor buying experience undermine your engagement efforts.

  • Increased Conversion Rates
  • Increased Customer Traffic
  • Increased Sales of Other Products
  • Increased Customer Loyalty

In-Store Visual Communication

Using digital displays, tablets and kiosks, retailers can display up-to-date jackpot values and draw times, advertise the latest instant tickets and share up-to-date, local winner data for increased impulse purchases at point of sale or throughout the store. For casinos, deployment of a digital signage system helps drive traffic and builds excitement on the gaming floor and in the bars.

Video Wall

Transform your gaming environment with Advanced 4K Video Walls. Lotteries and brands can captivate consumers with more rich and powerful in-store digital experiences. With no limitations on shape or size, retailers or casinos can create maximum visual impact using dynamic or gestural walls that allow for a more compelling guest experience. Installing a high definition Video Wall leads to longer consumer dwell times and elevates the perception of your brand.

Jackpot Signs

Wirelessly-updated jackpot signs can be hung in windows or at point of sale to grab consumer attention and attract players by displaying games and associated jackpot values. Smaller format jackpot signs can also be integrated into other display or merchandiser already located in the store.


Retailer playstations and ticket kiosks can be greatly enhanced by the addition of digital signage. Small or mid-sized networked digital LCD screens can be incorporated into new playstations or added to existing ones.


STRATACACHE helps improve guest satisfaction by providing relevant and timely information using kiosks and interactive screens to direct casino guests through the resort to their favorite games, or to a meeting or event. Play information, wayfinding, and/or a virtual concierge are all designed to make the player’s experience smooth and seamless while navigating the casino floor.

Content Acceleration

When employees download and access large video files, your network can become bombarded, slowing applications down. With STRATACACHE Enterprise Video Caching, frequently accessed training videos are stored locally for future retrieval so subsequent requests are served faster, directly from your network. This helps you minimize response time and improve overall network performance. Using a Web-based management system, you can monitor and track activity for each specific hotel. Make your resort or lottery network function to its fullest capacity with STRATACACHE Enterprise Video Caching.


STRATACACHE’s IPTV combines digital signage and live stream TV in one. Spotlight games, scores and live events while creating a fully branded experience for your guests. IP Video can drive engagement with employees by helping you communicate sales and product training to employees across your enterprise, or share CEO spotlights and special events with guests and customers using interactive distance learning or live and on-demand video.

Content Distribution

Delivering heavy, time-sensitive media to various hotels and casinos can be a daunting task. With STRATACACHE Content and Media Distribution, you can send any digital content, regardless of file size, to thousands of hotels simultaneously from one central location. Reduce time and costs by distributing large media files over your network, instead of express mailing thousands of CDs or DVDs. Using a web-based management system, it’s effortless to schedule and confirm delivery for each specific hotel. If data is lost during transmission, it’s automatically identified and resent.