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Digital Signage

STRATACACHE provides a full suite of digital signage services that allow you to create, manage and display digital content across multiple locations and networks. We offer comprehensive digital signage hardware and software solutions for designing strong customer experiences with digital merchandising product solutions. By leveraging our comprehensive in-store analytics and data about your customers and their actions, you can develop and create dynamic campaigns that present a custom, personalized message.


Content Acceleration

Cache large amounts of often-accessed media and deliver uninterrupted content that keeps your customers engaged. Site speed and load time matters. Our content acceleration network was designed to specifically handle large static or dynamic rich media files such as voice, video, gaming or transactions. We remove bottlenecks so your content will initialize more quickly — directly affecting conversions, search engine rankings and customer experience.


Content Distribution

Update content and send large, business critical media files to small groups or entire chains quickly and reliably. We provide tools to easily schedule and manage mass delivery of video files, software updates and training documents to geographically dispersed sites from one central location. Reduce time and resources spent by using the most reliable, scalable media distribution tool on the market.