STRATACACHE Retail Bank Research Studies

Unlocking the potential of digital signage to create engaging in-branch experiences

Whitepaper Infographic

Customer Study Infographics

Our retail bank research study, conducted by LEWIS, a global integrated communications agency, surveyed 10,512 banking customers. The online survey included over 50 questions from 39 of the largest financial institutions across North America and Europe. The survey includes questions addressing marketing awareness, brand equity value, digital signage effectiveness and sales actions that were taken by banking customers as a direct result of exposure to digital signage.

Whitepaper Infographic

Executive Study Whitepaper

We partnered with WBR to complete an on-site retail bank study that surveyed 100 bank executives that currently use digital signage in their branch. The results of the 17 questions analyzed in our whitepaper were gathered from 100 of the largest financial institutions across North America.

Visual Merchandising

As traditional advertising becomes less effective, digital signage is shedding new light on promotional strategies and communication methods. Enhance the shopper experience with interactive digital screens in any shape and size to display products or promotions in your store. Strategic visual merchandising builds awareness, increases your competitive advantage, strengthens customer relationships all while driving sales. Whether used for informational messaging, advertising, entertainment or architectural ambiance, these digital signage displays can transform the experiences of shopping, working and socializing.

Transactional Kiosks and Tablets

Reduce wait times and improve customer service through deployment of self-service kiosks and tablets. Strategically placed throughout the branch, routine transactional banking activities can be completed through a touch of a button.

Mobile Engagement

Modern banking extends beyond the in-branch experience to the digital world by connecting to customers in new ways. Our mobile engagement solutions provide sophisticated consumer interaction through the use of Mobile Applications, SMS, Point-of-Sale, email, in-branch Wi-Fi and beacons. Branches can engage in one on one interactions with consumers and increase upsell opportunities by connecting with consumers before, during and after the bank visit.

Window Activation

Grab your audience’s attention with impressive, ultra-thin floor stand or window frame mounted digital signage. With dual sided displays, branches can impact customers inside and out.

Advanced Video Walls

With 4K Video Walls, banks and financial institutions can captivate consumers with richer more powerful digitally branded experiences. With no limitations on shape or size, branches can create maximum visual impact using dynamic or gestural walls that allow for a more compelling experience.

Employee Communication

Keep staff up to date with promotions, rates and industry regulations using STRATACACHE digital signage hardware, software and IP Video. STRATACACHE helps branches communicate product training to employees or share CEO spotlights and special events with customers using interactive distance learning or live and on-demand video. Effectively align messaging and engage employees by delivering an effective internal communications platform.