Did you know that with every 1% increase in employee engagement, companies can see 0.6% growth in sales? Providing employees with an effective communication outlet is an important factor when establishing a successful internal communication channel. From small organizations to large organizations, it’s critical to provide employees the necessary information need to build communication internally.

With digital signage, building internal communications is an effective, yet quick and reliable platform that provides direct access to every employee—regardless of whether employees are at corporate headquarters, or in the break room at a remote office. From delivering upcoming community events, to mission-critical information—digital signage helps to align messaging and engage employees.

Four fundamental benefits that with a digital signage platform an organization can profoundly strengthen:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Internal Brand
  • Informed Employee Voice
  • Employee Activism

Visual Corporate Communication

Through strategically placed digital signage, STRATACACHE helps companies deliver mission-critical information, upcoming organizational gatherings or daypart specific messaging to support company-wide communication. Using tablets or large format screens companies can create interactive backroom bulletin boards or message centers motivating employees to engage, embrace and elevate their relationship with the corporation.


While e-learning courses are effective for employees, managing and maintaining learning management systems (LMS) can prove challenging for system administrators. With the expectation of being able to access online training videos anytime, anywhere on any device, delivering or streaming these large files can cause major connectivity issues leading to frustration and loss of training effectiveness. STRATACACHE Content Acceleration Engines can efficiently manage and accelerate enterprise video performance without the hassle of bogging down your network.


Our interactive kiosks, displays and mobile applications allow companies and corporate campuses to quickly and easily direction people to their desired locations while allowing visitors to engage and connect with your company and brand.

Employee Recognition

As most companies know, the act of recognizing employees leads to higher productivity across the organization. For effective, impactful employee recognition programs, start with digital signage. With strategically placed screens in common areas across your facility, digital displays allow companies to recognize employees and celebrate milestones in a timely, relevant fashion leading to increased morale and employee satisfaction.