Report | Retail Touch Points 2019 Benchmark Personalization Study


Jun 25, 2021

Discover how personalization efforts keep up with customer desires.

Are Personalization Efforts Keeping Up With Consumer Desires?

Customers’ expectations around personalization continue to rise — and perhaps even more importantly for retailers, shoppers continue to reward those retailers that deliver personalized experiences.

How many customers appreciate personalization?

Personalization strengthens the relationship that consumers have with brands. It drives trust and value.

The Relevancy Group found that when emailed:

  • 55% of consumers appreciate it when retailers include products that are relevant to them.

Retail TouchPoints’ own Shopper Insights Survey revealed:

  • 39% of consumers like that the retailers they feel most loyal to provide relevant recommendations about products and services that fit their needs.

What’s inside?

In Are Personalization Efforts Keeping up with Consumer Desires:

  • Data Issues: Top List of Personalization Challenges
  • Case Study: Shiseido delivers beautiful marketing by unifying customer data
  • Correlation between Personalization and Sales
  • Email Personalization
  • Digital Commerce Personalization
  • 5 Steps to Enhance In-Store Engagement Via Personalization by Chris Riegel, STRATACACHE
  • Brick-And-Mortar Stores

Discover the real impact of personalization — on brand, sales, and satisfaction by donwloading the case study.

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