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STRATACACHE Partners with Lumiode to Bring Next Gen Active Matrix Technology to STRATACACHE’s US-Based microLED Display Manufacturing

DAYTON, OH, US—January 31, 2024—STRATACACHE today announced the next phase evolution for microLED manufacturing in Eugene, OR, bringing domestically manufactured, advanced next generation display technology to the U.S. A strategic research and IP licensing agreement with New York-based company Lumiode allows for the fabrication of a core component, the active pixel matrix, in a microLED display using advanced technology that builds high performance silicon devices directly on the LED.

MicroLEDs are a next generation display technology which produces the brightest, highest contrast, and most energy efficient displays possible today, and the display manufacturing capability is dominated by the Asia-Pacific market. STRATACACHE is working closely with multiple leading research and IP concerns globally. In this partnership, STRATACACHE is working with Lumiode, a spinout company from research conducted at Columbia University. Lumiod’s technology allows for the development of both very small and very large displays with high efficiency, excellent color and sunlight-readable brightness in a range of formats, and at a price point unmatched by other approaches.

The partnership between STRATACACHE and Lumiode allows for a 100% in-house and U.S.-based supply and production chain. “With the evolution of MicroLED technology, STRATACACHE sees a tremendous opportunity to build next generation large format display in the United States. Lumiode is a key partner in this endeavor and we see great opportunity in their approach,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE.

“Lumiode’s approach operates at the wafer scale, which substantially reduces both the manufacturing cost and capital expense required to deploy microLED displays,” said Ioannis Kymissis, Ph.D., principal engineer of Lumiode. “We share in STRATACACHE’s vision of bringing the new era of display manufacturing to the U.S., operating on a competitive scale globally.”

Lumiode is the first of several microLED display component technology partnerships STRATACACHE will announce in the coming months. The Eugene microLED manufacturing facility will allow for the creation of hundreds of jobs including advanced material sciences, quality control, inspection, mass transfer, CMOS design and precision assembly.

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