Give consumers a reason to move from the pump to the store: the EXPERIENCE. STRATACACHE works with convenience stores to deploy the most effective, reliable digital signage solutions in the world.

Digital Signage Drives Operations and Marketing Goals

Impressing customers is only one part of what digital signage can do.

  • Increase comps, food sales, loyalty
  • Gain a competitive edge with grab-and-go options
  • Drive customers from the pump into the store
  • Extend time spent in store
  • Direct more customers to historically low-traffic areas
  • Solve labor shortage with self-service options

Wondering how digital signage can help locations achieve more?

Read our whitepaper to learn how convenience retail can lead with digital in 2021, 7 Digital Menu Board Challenges, Solved for Convenience Retail.

Digital Signage for Convenience Stores: 3 areas of opportunity

Convenience store owners and operators drive food sales and loyalty by introducing digital menu boards at key points of communication throughout the store.

1. Made to order station

The value of digital menu boards is clearest in food areas. Quick service restaurants (QSRs) typically use digital menu boards, both in-store and in drive thru, to optimize operations and customer experience. - Highlight quality and value of your food with enhanced visual clarity - Drive relevancy for customers with menu segmentation - Take advantage of suggestive selling with advanced content strategies Convenience retail is only one step behind QSRs in streamlining the made to order station. This is the number one opportunity for convenience retail.

2. Pre-made or ready-to-go food station

The pre-made station should be the most adaptable area of the store. Adaptive product promotion can help reduce food waste and increase margins by attracting customers to key items.

3. Beverages station

Operationally, compelling content can be used to upsell or cross-sell complementary items. Digital menu boards can also drive convenience and ease of purchase for customers by showing them exactly where to find items in the store. Digital signage drives convenience and speed — two elements of customer experience that are fundamental.